Joy Mumford's beautifully melodic songs and carefully crafted lyrics show not only the true depth of Mumford as an artist, but the whimsical and creative side of her personality - also evident in her self directed visual content. Her unique soul-folk writing and vocal style has taken influences from her wide range of artists and genres.

The Nottingham-bred singer/songwriter/producer developed a strong love for expressing her personal experiences through writing, soon after having piano lessons at the early age of 7. After combining her natural knack for story telling and melodies, Joy excelled after spending a summer teaching herself guitar. 

This soon lead to uploading songs on YouTube she produced herself, experimenting with harmonies, and any odd objects she could find that would make a sound. Today Mumford has racked up an impressive number of YouTube views - over 1,400,000 since creating her channel in 2010, therough a collection of unique covers and original songs.

Having performed at several venues and festivals such as Dot To Dot, Splendour Festival, and Barn on The Farm alone with just her guitar and accompanied by a backing band, January 2019 will see the release of Joy’s latest EP In The Dark - alongside other exciting projects.